find free betting tips

Where can you find Free Betting Tips that are worth your time?

Tipsters aim to look for bookmaker odds that they think do not reflect the genuine probability of an outcome in a market happening (in the case of fixed odds betting, tipsters are looking for better odds than the true probability). Tipsters have to also overcome the inbuilt overround (profit) in bookmakers’ prices, and still find profitable tips. A tip will never be an absolute certainty. IF you can find a tipster who is genuinely able to consistently provide tips where the odds are better than the true probability, and IF you have a superb bankroll management strategy, profit could be made in the long run (mind you, that’s two big IF’s). To find free betting tips, we recommend looking:

  • On Websites (like ours), which provide regular free betting tips, and articles to help you beat the bookmakers!
  • In many national UK newspapers (well free if you are buying one anyway). In particular, we recommend you especially zone in on tips marked with:
    • Nap = this is the tip the tipster is most confident about that day
    • nb = this is a tip the tipster is also confident about, but not as much as the Nap. In case, you were wondering ‘nb’ stands for ‘next best’.
  • On TV & radio: during broadcasts (especially of horse racing), tips may be given.

We have explained how to find free betting tips, but how do you know which ones might be worth their salt, before placing a bet at your favourite bookmaker? Here’s one method to compare tipsters providing free betting tips: Before you decide to use any tipster’s selections, why not track a number of tipsters? PRETEND that you bet the same amount (say £1 to keep the sums easier) on a set number of each of their tips? Which tipster has the best profits after they have each made that set number of tips? If you decide to place a bet, we strongly recommend Sun Bets.