football pools free plays

Football Pools Free Plays

Football Pools – Sign-up today using our special link & you’ll get your 1st 4 games totally FREE (Direct Debit details required, T&Cs Apply) – Free entries ARE eligible for all prizes (£3,000,000.00 prize available) – We explain how easy it is to play (all you have to do is try and pick score draws)! If you are a new eligible customer, and sign-up to play by direct debit (£1, twice a week), your 1st 4 games of the Classic Pools game will be totally free! You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time (so if you just want your 4 free games, remember to cancel before you are charged). That’s 4 free chances to win a big cash prize, or even the £3m top prize (or a share of it). T&Cs apply.

  • Football Pools – Find 8 score draws, and you could win a big cash prize!
    • From a list of 49 football matches, all you have to do is indicate which 10 matches you want.
    • It’s 1 point if there’s a winner in the match (Home or away win), 2 points if there’s a draw without a goal (No-score draw), and 3 points if there’s a draw with both teams scoring (Score draw). Only your best 8 matches are counted. If you score 24, 23 or 22 points you usually will win a cash prize, and some weeks less points still win prizes. Prize amounts vary.
    • If you know nothing about football, why not pick your lucky numbers or take a lucky dip? If you think you have some football knowledge, obviously it is in your interest to pick 10 matches that you think could end in score draws (1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc).
  • You could win the top £3 MILLION prize with Football Pools
    • If the 10 games you picked above just happen to be the 1st 10 games in which both teams score a goal (by minute of the match, seconds don’t matter), you win £3,000,000.00 (unless more than one person scores a perfect ten, in which case the jackpot will be shared).
  • It usually costs £1 to play