Starting Price

When you place a bet on a horse race, instead of taking the fixed odds price on offer you might be able to place a bet at an unspecified Starting Price. Sometimes for future races, which haven’t been priced up by your selected bookmaker, you can only place a bet at the Starting Price (SP).

When you place a bet at the SP, you do not know in advance what odds you are getting! So, why on earth would you want to take this option? Odds on horses can fluctuate, in the build up to the race. When the race start time comes closer, it is clearer what the conditions will be like (e.g. is the ground heavy or soft, will it be raining or really hot at the time of the race), if any other horses have withdrawn, and if the horse has any issues etc. Odds can thus fluctuate for many reasons, including the amount being bet on a horse. So, with lots of money coming in, the price is likely to go down and vice-versa. In the UK, a panel decides the starting price (it should be the same regardless of which bookmaker you use), based on how they view the fluctuations of prices.

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Grand National facts

The world’s most famous horse race is of course the Grand National, run every year at Aintree. But how many Grand National facts do you know?

  • The Grand National is a National Hunt Handicap Steeplechase. As it is a steeplechase, horses have to jump obstacles. Fences in this race are notable for being larger than usually found on other courses.
  • The race is the longest National Hunt race in Great Britain, with a total distance of 4 miles 514 yards to be run. 2 laps are run – there are 16 fences on each lap (each of which has some spruce obtained from the Lake District on top of them), but the last 2 are not jumped on the final lap – so in total 30 obstacles have to be jumped to complete the course.
  • Some of the fences are really famous:
    • Fence 6 (and therefore, fence 22 as well), is known as Becher’s Brook, named after the jockey that fell there in the first ever Grand National – he saved himself by staying in the tiny brook alongside the fence landing (whilst the other horses continued to jump over).
    • Fence 7 (and thus 23) is named Foinavon in honour of the 1967 outsider who won at 100/1, after avoiding a mess-up by others at this fence.
    • Fence 8 (and so also 24) is called the Canal Turn. Immediately following this fence, horse and rider have to turn sharply.
    • Fence 15 known as The Chair, and Fence 16 known as the Water Jump are jumped on the first lap only.

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National Hunt Racing

In National Hunt Racing, there are obstacles* on the course (as opposed to Flat racing, where there are not). The two most iconic and well-known horse races of any kind held in Great Britain, the Grand National and the Grade 1 Cheltenham Gold Cup, are National Hunt races.

  • The majority of the National Hunt races in Great Britain take place in the winter months, rather than summer. There is a good reason for this, as the race courses should be softer in winter (as of course there should be more rain). As horses have to jump obstacles, this makes it a lot less dangerous than in the summer months.

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Flat Racing

In Flat Racing horses with the best speed or best stamina (or both of these) have the advantage, depending on the distance of each race. Jockeys also play a major part as they have to be able to get their horse to do the right thing (e.g. ‘ask’ them to go faster or slower). Thoroughbreds are the most common form of horse breed you will see in this form of racing. Natural grass race courses (also referred to as turf) are the most common. You will see some races run on synthetic or all-weather tracks (especially for flat races run in winter). Flat Racing generally takes places over shorter distances than National Hunt racing, and there are no obstacles in Flat Racing (as the name suggests).

Flat Racing (in Great Britain, at least) takes the form of (1) Conditions races, or (2) Handicaps.

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Horse Racing Explained

There are 2 popular types of horse racing that take place in Great Britain: these are Flat Racing, and National Hunt Racing. In this ‘Horse Racing Explained‘ article, we explain the difference between these two types of the sport. We also explain what exactly a furlong is (a common term you will hear in relation to the length of horse races).

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Handicap horse racing

In Handicap horse racing, the better horses are given a disadvantage. Conversely, the worse horses are given an advantage. This is done by making the horses carry different weights. A handicapper decides the weight (this weight is known as the impost) each horse should carry. The total weight of the jockey, saddle, and weights (lead) will equal the impost. The weights are carried in lead pads (saddle pads). In Great Britain, there is a central system, operated by the BHA who assign weights. Weights can change (e.g. be increased if a horse wins a race). The most famous handicap race in the world is of course the Grand National. Another example is Australia’s Melbourne Cup.

So, if the horses have been handicapped, how do you go about picking a winner?

  • You could look at the horses form (e.g. past performances, giving more weight to recent performances).
  • You could look at the ability of the jockey.
  • Also look at the condition of the ground. If it has been raining recently, the ground may be soft. If there has been a lot of sunny/dry weather the ground may be hard. How do the horses in the race perform under the expected condition of the ground?
  • Look at the weather in general at the time of the race (e.g. winds, rain). Which horses do badly, or well, under the expected weather conditions?

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Forecasts, Tricasts, Reverse Forecasts, Reverse Tricasts

Forecasts, Tricasts, Reverse Forecasts, Reverse Tricasts – these bets involve picking horses that will finish in the top two or three positions, in a single horse race. These bets can be useful if the favourite (the horse usually most likely to finish 1st) has a low price. The winnings are usually worked out using the starting prices of the horses, using computer software.

  • Forecasts (Straight)
    • In horse racing betting, if you would like to predict which horse will win, and which will will be the runner-up (i.e. finish second), you can place a Forecast (known as Exacta or Perfecta in the USA).
    • If you place a Forecast, if you get the winner right your profit AND original stake is used as the new stake for the runner-up. If you get the runner-up right as well, you will get a return.

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Full Cover Bets

Full Cover Bets in horse racing betting, are bets consisting of all possible doubles, trebles, and fourfold and above accumulators (if appropriate) across a given number of selections. As long as at least two of your horses win, you will get something back (although this does not necessarily mean you will profit overall).

  • Trixie – Choose three horses you think will win (from three different horse races). Your bet consists of four separate bets (three doubles, and one treble).  If you wish to include the 3 singles too (Trixie, plus 3 singles), the bet is called a Patent.
  • Yankee – This time you pick four horses to win, from four different races. Your bet consists of six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold accumulator. That’s 11 separate bets. If you wish to include the 4 singles too (Yankee, plus 4 singles), the bet is called a Lucky 15 (as 15 separate bets are placed).

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French Open 2018 Mens’ Singles Winner Tip

Here’s our French Open 2018 Mens’ Singles Winner Tip for the 2nd tennis major of the year, which will see a winner crowned on Sunday 10th June 2018 (at Roland Garros).

  • The French Open is of course the only clay court Grand Slam – clay is a slow playing surface which makes massive physical demands on the players.
  • Unlike in the Womens’ Singles at the 2018 French Open, in terms of realistic chances of winning, there’s only one standout contender for our French Open 2018 Mens’ Singles Winner Tip:
    • In 2017 Rafael Nadal (Spain) won a record 10th French Open Mens’ Singles title (this was his 15th overall Grand Slam singles title).
    • No other player, other than Rafael Nadal, has ever won 10 Singles titles at one single Grand Slam event.
    • Rafael Nadal won in 2017 without even losing a set – a feat he also accomplished two times before.
    • Rafael Nadal also won this title every year between 2005 and 2014 (with the exception of 2009).

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Accumulators Explained

  • Accumulators Explained: If you place a double or a treble, you have placed 2 or 3 bets respectively. ALL your bets need to win, for you to make a profit (and get your stake back). If all the bets don’t win, you lose your stake and don’t get any profit. If your first bet wins, BOTH the winnings and the stake are combined to become the stake for the second bet etc. 4 bets can be called a fourfold. 5 bets can be called a fivefold. 6 bets can be called a sixfold. Although, all the above work in the same way (all the bets have to win, for you to make a return and get your original stake back), technically only 4 bets and above are called accumulators (although some people still decide to call doubles and trebles accumulators). Accumulators suffer from overround multiplication issue.

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Each-Way Bet

  • The most standard bet you could make is a win bet. You will only make a profit if your selection wins. So, if you make a £5 bet at 7/1 at Sun Bets you will make a £35 profit if your selection wins (and get your £5 stake back, if you win). Another common bet, is an Each-Way Bet. If you place an each-way bet on a single event, you are effectively making two separate bets. One bet is on a win only basis, and one is on a place basis.
  • A place bet, allows you to make a profit if your selection finishes not just first, but also in a certain number of other places (e.g. 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. depending on what the bookmaker is offering). Usually, you will receive a proportion of the win odds.

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Wisdom of the Crowd

  • Wisdom of the Crowd refers to the phenomenon that a large number of individuals in a group, will usually be able to make better decisions than any individual in that group.
  • For example, at a funfair say their was a big jar with an unknown amount of marbles. People were asked to guess the number of marbles (with the closest getting a prize). If you took all the guesses and averaged them (provided there was a sufficient number of people in the group) it would usually come close to the actual number of marbles in the jar. Obviously, the more people who participated the closer to the actual number you would get.
  • This happens, because individual noise is filtered out.
  • In the case of betting odds, Wisdom of the Crowd also has an effect as bookmakers are forced to lower prices getting a lot of betting action (and increase prices not getting a lot). So, highly backed outcomes get their prices lowered, and less well back outcomes get their prices increased.
  • However, for Wisdom of the Crowd to work people have to be making rational and independent decisions. In the case, of marbles in the jar at the funfair this may be the case. In the case, of betting markets this may not be the case.

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Betting tip scam explanation

If you didn’t spot this betting tip scam we wrote about, you were a victim of survival bias (you were only thinking of the people who made it through a selection process, and ignored those that didn’t). Don’t worry, here’s the betting tip scam explanation:

  • What has happened here is the ‘tipster’ sent say 10,000s of e-mails – some of which backed all the possible outcomes in the first event. You just happened to be in the group that the correct tip was sent to the first time.
  • The second time, the ‘tipster’ e-mails only the group that he had previously sent the 1st winning tip to, and divides them into new groups backing each of the outcomes in the 2nd event.
  • Again and again, this process is repeated.
  • Provided the ‘tipster’ started out with a sufficiently large number of recipients to begin with, to a certain number of people it will look like the ‘tipster’ got a large number of tips in a row correct from the start.
  • The people who received a wrong tip at any time were no longer e-mailed, and they probably didn’t think much of it. But to the group of people who got all correct tips, it will look like the ‘tipster’ is genuine.
  • The ‘tipster’ hopes that a small percentage of people who got the large number of tips in a row correct from the start will sign-up to his ‘tipping service’ for a fee (which will be nothing more than a scam).

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Betting tip scam

Although there are many tipsters who attempt to provide genuine tips (like us at, there are some scams out there you need to avoid! Can you spot this well known betting tip scam – variations of which still catch people out?

  • Let’s say you are sent an e-mail purporting to contain a betting tip that’s certain to come in on an event tonight? You don’t pay much attention to the e-mail, as it seems like a piece of spam. Later when you are watching TV you catch the end of the event the tipster predicted. In the back of your head you seem to remember the outcome might have been the same as the tip. You go back and check your e-mail, and the tipster got it right, but you don’t think much of it.
  • The same day the following week, again you get an e-mail from the same sender with another betting tip. You still don’t think much of it, but this time decide to remember the tip to check it later. You check the result later, and the tip came in. He just got lucky, you say!
  • The following week, another e-mail with another betting tip drops in your inbox – this time you are intrigued, and decide to tune in to the event the tipster bet on, and it wins! You are becoming tempted to bet some of your own money on these tips, if they keep coming.

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Find Free Betting Tips

Tipsters aim to look for bookmaker odds that they think do not reflect the genuine probability of an outcome in a market happening (in the case of fixed odds betting, tipsters are looking for better odds than the true probability). Tipsters have to also overcome the inbuilt overround (profit) in bookmakers’ prices, and still find profitable tips. A tip will never be an absolute certainty. IF you can find a tipster who is genuinely able to consistently provide tips where the odds are better than the true probability, and IF you have a superb bankroll management strategy, profit could be made in the long run (mind you, that’s two big IF’s). To find free betting tips, we recommend looking:

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Avoid Arbitrage Betting

We explained how you could start to find the best value markets at your favourite bookmaker, such as Sun Bets. This involves working out the overround on a particular market. The lower the overround the better. Numerous websites and software tools have popped up which try to take this a step further – they claim to allow you to spot guaranteed profitable betting opportunities, by taking advantage of the differing prices on outcomes in the same market between different bookmakers. That is to say there will be no overround in the market, and in fact the book will be less than 100%. This is called arbitrage betting. We strongly recommend you avoid arbitrage betting. Although, the opportunities they spot will be real (if you are using a reputable service), we still recommend you avoid this form of betting. There is usually a fee involved to use these services, and even though the opportunities to make a profit might be there in theory, in practice they are difficult to profit from.

Why avoid arbitrage betting? Your account may be closed, or bets revoked.

  • Bookmakers generally hate arbitrage betting. Many share data for numerous reasons, and this helps them spot arbitrage betting. Depending on their T&Cs, they could refuse to honour bet(s) and/or close your account.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Winner Tip

Which country is our Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Winner Tip? 2018 will see the 63rd running of this famous contest. The Semi-Finals will be held on Tuesday 8 & Thursday 10 May 2018, with the Final on Saturday 12 May 2018. Portugal won for the 1st time in 2017 (and as winners they will host the contest at the Altice Arena in Lisbon), when Salvador Sobral scored the most points with Amor pelos dois (Loving for the both of us).

43 countries will be singing (37 will be competing in one of 2 semi-finals, for 20 Final Spots), whilst the biggest 5 contributors to the EBU (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom) and the hosts Portugal get automatic entry to the Final. That means there will be 26 countries singing in the final.

Before, we get onto our Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Winner Tip, here’s 2 countries that we don’t think have any chance whatsoever of winning, so please don’t be tempted to place a bet on them:

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Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker Victory Method Tip

Who are we picking as our Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker Victory Method Tip? The big fight takes place on Saturday 31st March 2018.

London 2012 Olympic super-heavyweight gold medalist Anthony Joshua currently holds the heavyweight IBF, WBA (Super), and IBO belts. Joshua is fighting New Zealander Joseph Parker, in a bid to win Parker’s WBO heavyweight title (of course if Parker wins he will keep his belt, and get all of Joshua’s). This is an important fight for Joshua, as should the Briton win the WBO belt, he only needs one more belt to achieve greatness. He will likely be looking to put all his belts on the line, to try and add the WBC heavyweight belt to his collection. This would mean potential 2018 SPOTY contender Joshua would become the 1st undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world since British-Canadian boxer Lennox Lewis.

On the face of it, both boxers have great records as neither of them has ever lost a fight. Their combined record coming into this bout is 44 wins and 0 losses!!!

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French Open 2018 Women’s Singles Winner Tip

Which player have we picked for our French Open 2018 Women’s Singles Winner Tip? The French Open (from Roland Garros) is the second tennis major of the calendar year (the first was the Australian Open), and will run from Sunday 27th May to Sunday 10th June 2018. In 2017, Latvia’s Jelena Ostapenko defeated Romania’s Simona Halep 4-6 6-4 6-3. Ostapenko became the1st player from Latvia to ever win a Grand Slam. She was also the 1st unseeded player to win the French Open, since 1933.

Since Justin Henin won for the 4th time in 5 consecutive years in 2007, this event has been unpredictable:

  • 7 different players have won the 9 Finals played since.
  • Only Maria Sharapova (2012, and 2014) and Serena Williams have won twice in this period (2013, and 2014 – her 2nd and 3rd singles titles here as she also won in 2002).

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Sports Betting Bankroll Management

Diligent sports betting bankroll management can be the difference between winning sports bettors, and those who are destined to lose all their money.

Here’s an example:

  • Let’s say that you have £1,000 to gamble with in total in your sports betting account at Sun Bets, but cannot replenish this money if you lose.
  • Let’s say you were betting on an event with only two possible outcomes, and Sun Bets were offering 6/5 on outcome 1, and 1/2 on outcome 2 (this is a made up example).
  • Let’s say according to your value bet calculations, you thought the true odds of each outcome was 1/1 – i.e. there is a 50% chance of outcome 1, and a 50% chance of outcome 2.
  • Of course you would want to bet on outcome 1, as you are getting better odds than required. You would never bet on outcome 2, as you are getting worse odds than required.
  • If you bet £1,000 on outcome 1, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the bet in terms of value. After all, you will be making £1,200 profit if outcome 1 happens!
  • However, what if outcome 2 happens? 50% of the time it will, and you will lose your stake of £1,000. As this was your whole bankroll, you will be completely broke!

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Moneyline Odds

We have already explained how to understand the Fractional Odds system used by UK bookmakers such as Sun Bets, as well as the popular Decimal Odds system. For completeness, we thought we would also explain the ins and outs of Moneyline Odds. This system is popular in the USA, and as such we will use dollars in the examples below (but of course the same principles apply whatever the currency). To understand Moneyline Odds, first look at if the odds are positive or negative. Then, look at the odds. Moneyline Odds are expressed per $100 staked (although of course, you should be able to bet any amount, subject to minimums or maximums).

  • POSITIVE Moneyline Odds show how much profit you will get if your bet wins, for every $100 staked (if you win you will get back your original stake too).
  • NEGATIVE Moneyline Odds show how much you will have to stake, to get $100 profit if your bet wins (if you win you will get back your original stake too).

Let’s look at two actual examples:

  • +500: this means for every $100 bet, $500 profit will be paid if your bet wins (i.e. if your bet wins they will return you original stake of $100, and pay you another $500).
  • 500: this means for every $500 bet, $100 profit will be paid if your bet wins (i.e. if your bet wins they will return you original stake of $500, and pay you another $100).

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Decimal Odds

Having understood the ins and outs of Fractional Odds (traditionally used by UK bookmakers, such as Sun Bets), we think it will be a useful exercise for you to understand the Decimal Odds system as well. Decimal Odds show how many times your original stake (INCLUDING your original stake) you will get back if your bet wins. Obviously, this number should always be more than 1.0 as you should always get back your original stake if you win, plus some profit. Compare that to Fractional Odds which only show the potential profit you will get back if you win (of course regardless of the odds system, you will always get your original stake back if you win).

Let’s look at some Decimal Odds examples:
6.0 – for every £1 bet you will get £6 back, if your bet wins (i.e. you make £5 profit, per £1 staked). 5/1 (Fractional Odds), and 6.0 (Decimal Odds) are equivalent.
1.2 – for every £1 bet you will get £1.20 back, if your bet wins (i.e. you make £0.20 profit, per £1 staked). 1/5 (Fractional Odds), and 1.2 (Decimal Odds) are equivalent.

Fractional Odds are popular in the UK & Ireland. Decimal Odds are popular in Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. However, even for UK bettors using Fractional Odds (such as on Sun Bets), we think it is useful to understand the Decimal Odds system for three reasons:

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Mitigating accumulator overround disaster

Accumulators allow you to combine multiple bets, and potentially win big when all your selections win. Accumulators may seem great news to casual gut instinct bettors. After all, they offer the chance to win a lot of money for a small amount gambled. However, for the value bettor who is looking to potentially make a long term profit from betting, accumulators pose a great problem! We have already discussed the notion of overround – bookmakers will want to build in a profit margin on the markets they offer. However, when overrounds are multiplied it can be a big problem for the bettor! Hence, we are posting this Mitigating accumulator overround disaster article.

Let’s say you place a double (2 selection accumulator), with both bets having an overround of 12%. To calculate the combined overround:

[(1.12 x 1.12) multiplied by 100] minus 100 = 25.44% overround

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Value Betting vs Gut Instinct

If you keep placing bets on outcomes of events, just because you fancy teams/players to win (Gut Instinct), without considering the odds fully then you will likely be losing money in the long run. Value betting involves independently considering if the odds offered are better than the true probability of the outcome happening, and only placing bets if that is the case. Let’s start our Value Betting vs Gut Instinct article off with an example:

Let’s say you are considering placing a bet in an event in which there are two outcomes only, e.g. the final of a competition where either team/player A wins, or team/player B wins (no draws possible). You need to calculate the true probabilities of the outcomes. This requires taking into account a lot of factors (prior results, injuries, officials, form etc. – variables will depend on what event you are betting on), and coming up with a statistical model (which may require, amongst other things weighting the factors).

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Overround Explained

Overround Explained: The odds offered by bookmakers are unlikely to correspond exactly to the actual probabilities of the outcomes in any market happening, as no bookmaker is likely to operate without trying to offset its costs (and trying to make a little something on top)! Bookmakers are likely to be taking money from lots of customers over the possible outcomes – they may try to guarantee themselves a profit regardless of the result. Bookmakers may start a market by working out the actual probabilities of the outcomes in a market occurring and then incorporating a profit margin into the odds, but as money comes in on the market they will often adjust prices to attract less or more money to particular outcomes – e.g. they may want to limit their liability on an outcome they already face a big payout on if it comes through, or they may want to attract more money to different outcome(s) to one(s) they already have taken a lot of money on to guarantee a profit or minimise potential losses. How do bookmakers use overround to try and make profits?

As an example, here are the odds Sun Bets were offering, at the time of writing, on an upcoming Rugby Union match. There are only three possible outcomes in this market:
The home team wins: 15/8
The match is drawn: 16/1
The away team wins: 2/5

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Betting: Fractional Odds Explained

Bookmakers in the United Kingdom (and Ireland) usually quote prices using fractional odds (i.e. 5/1, 1/2, etc). Fractional odds show how much the bettor can profit, relative to their stake, IF their bet wins. In this article ‘Betting: Fractional Odds Explained’ we explain everything you will need to know about fractional odds.

  • Fractional odds show the payoff:stake ratio. The left hand number of the fractional odds is the amount of profit you will make IF your bet wins (PAYOFF), and the right hand number is the amount you will have to gamble (STAKE). IF your bet loses, you forfeit the stake. If your bet wins, you get your stake back AND the payoff.
  • 5/1 odds mean that if you bet £1, you will make £5 profit if your bet wins (i.e. if your bet wins the bookmaker will return you original stake of £1 AND pay you £5 profit). Remember, the odds just show a ratio – you don’t have to bet exactly £1. If you bet £2, you make £10 profit if your bet wins. If you bet £60, you make £300 profit if your bet wins.
  • 1/2 means if you bet £2 you will make £1 profit if your bet wins (i.e. if your bet wins the bookmaker will return you original stake of £2 AND pay you £1 profit). This is an example of an odds-on price (the possible profit is less than the stake – however, you would not lose any money if your bet wins, as you would get your stake back. If you bet £10, you make £5 profit if your bet wins. If you bet £200, you make £100 profit if your bet wins).
  • Another way of looking at this is the fractional odds show the ratio of the amounts gambled by the two parties involved (the bookmaker, and the bettor). Suppose Sun Bets offers 5/1 on a horse winning a race, and a bettor decide to place a £1 bet on that horse, you could look at it as the bookmaker puts in £5 into an envelope & the bettor puts in £1 into the same envelope – so there is £6 in the envelope. If the bettor wins the bet (i.e. the horse wins), he gets to keep all the contents of the envelope. If the bettor loses the bet (i.e. the horse doesn’t win), the bookmaker gets to keep all the contents of the envelope.

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Sun Casino: 100% CASH Reward Offer up to £400 + 25 free spins!

Sun Casino: 100% CASH Reward Offer up to £400 + 25 free spins

  • Make your 1st deposit (minimum £10, maximum £400) using code SUN400 – they’ll give you 25 FREE spins to play on selected Age of the Gods slot games.
  • Your deposit is your cash to play with, however you like. If you stake your deposit 25x across selected casino games, they will issue you with a WITHDRAWABLE CASH credit of the SAME amount as your deposit (up to £400).
  • Your cash ALWAYS stays as your cash! Winnings from free spins WILL be credited to your CASH balance as well, and are WITHDRAWABLE once all have been used.
  • ALL deposits & winnings can be withdrawn at ANY time!

Could they be any fairer? We think not!

Sun Casino – Opening Offer Key Terms & Conditions: New and eligible customers only. Deposit between £10 and £400 and enter code SUN400 to qualify. You can withdraw your own deposits and winnings at any time (subject to your account being verified). If your total stakes on Sun Casino games equal an amount 25 times your first deposit, they will give you a withdrawable cash bonus equal to your first deposit. You must complete the staking requirements within 30 days of your first deposit to receive the bonus. Staking on all forms of blackjack and roulette will contribute a lower proportion towards the staking requirements. Further information about contribution weightings can be found here. They will also add free spins worth £5.00 or more within 24 hours which can only be used on the following games: Age of the Gods, Age of the Gods: Furious Four, Age of the Gods: King of Olympus, Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom. You can withdraw winnings from free spins once all have been used. You will be able to track your progress against the staking requirements. Full Terms & Conditions Apply.

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Europa League 2017-18 Winner Tip

Which team is our Europa League 2017-18 Winner Tip? Previously known as the UEFA Cup, this competition changed name (and format) from the 2009-10 season.

The 3rd placed teams from the 8 Champions League groups, have joined the group winners & group runners-up from the 12 Europa League groups – together they make up the 32 teams that will play knock-out matches until a winner of the Europa League is crowned. The Round of 32 will take place on 15 & 22 February 2018, the Round of 16 on 8 & 15 March 2018, and the Quarter-Finals on 5 & 12 April 2018. All these matches are 2 legged ties (all these matchdays fall on Thursday).

The Final will take place on Wednesday 16th May 2018, at Parc Olympique Lyonnais – the home stadium of French side Lyon.

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US PGA Championship 2018 Winner Tip

Which golfer have we picked as our US PGA Championship 2018 Winner Tip? The US PGA Championship will be the last of the four golf majors in 2018 (although not from 2019 onwards, when it moves to earlier in the year). The 2018 edition will be the 100th US PGA Championship, and the event will take place between Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th August 2018, at the Bellerive Country Club (Town and Country, Missouri). This venue has hosted this event once before, back in 1992.

  • Players from the USA have won the last 2 events – Justin Thomas (2017), and Jimmy Walker (2016). Jason Day (Australia) won in 2015.
  • For the 2018 event, we look for the most value amongst the most likely winners. We really can’t see past Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland). He has won this major twice in recent history (2012 & 2014), and is available at a fantastic price.
  • McIlroy has had 5 great years in this event (including 2 fantastic ones where he won), although he has also had 4 bad years by his standards. As you can see McIlroy has played this event 9 times – he has won twice, and finished 3rd twice. With an 8th place finish as well under his belt, he has finished in the top ten 5 out of 9 times he has played.

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U.S. Open Golf 2018 Winner Tip

Which golfer is our U.S. Open Golf 2018 Winner Tip? The 2nd of four majors of the year in golf, the U.S. Open, will take place between Thursday 14 – Sunday 17 June 2018.

  • This will be the 118th U.S. Open, and will take place at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in New York – the 5th time this venue has hosted this competition.
  • Players from the USA have won the last 3 U.S. Opens: Brooks Koepka won in 2017, Dustin Johnson won in 2016, and Jordan Spieth won in 2015.
  • We really don’t think there is any value at all in the prices of the favourites – Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, etc.

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The Open Championship 2018 Winner Tip

Which golfer is our The Open Championship 2018 Winner Tip for The Open Championship at Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland (Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 July 2018)?

  • Jordan Spieth (USA) won in 2017 scoring 268, Henrik Stenson (Sweden) won in 2016, Zach Johnson (USA) won after a rain delay in 2015, and Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) won in 2014.
  • This will be the 8th time The Open Championship is being held at Carnoustie. The last time The Open Championship was held at Carnoustie was in 2007 and Padraig Harrington won the title (he also won the title the following year too).

There are 3 players we think have the most realistic chance of winning the 147th The Open Championship:

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World Cup 2018 Top Goalscorer Tip

Which player are we recommending for our World Cup 2018 Top Goalscorer Tip for Russia 2018 (Thursday 14 June – Sunday 15 July 2018)?

  • In order to decide which players are realistically likely to be the World Cup 2018 Top Goalscorer, it is important to consider the following: which teams are likely to go furthest in the 2018 World Cup, what sort of football they are likely to play (attacking football is more likely to produce the top goalscorer), how many other good players are in the team who are likely to provide assists, how likely the player is to play (are there many options, or will this player always start if fit), and the player’s form over the last few years.

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World Cup 2018 Winner Tip

Which team is our World Cup 2018 Winner Tip? The prestigious international football competition will take place in Russia (Thursday 14 June – Sunday 15 July 2018).

  • The previous three World Cup winners have all been from Europe (all from Western Europe) – Germany (2014, their 4th win), Spain (2010, their 1st win), and Italy (2006, their 4th win).
  • Apart from those three teams, only FIVE other countries have won this prestigious tournament in its entire history: Brazil (5 times), Argentina & Uruguay (2 times each), and France & England (1 time each).
  • We think the winner will definitely be Belgium, or one of 6 of the 8 of the previous winners (Italy have not qualified for the 2018 competition, and we certainly don’t see Uruguay as having a strong enough team to win) – so that’s 7 teams we even think have a realistic chance of winning.

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Wimbledon 2018 Womens’ Singles Winner Tip

We have considered the potential winners, to identify the most value, to come up with our Wimbledon 2018 Womens’ Singles Winner Tip. Wimbledon will be played between Monday 2 – Saturday 14 July 2018 (the Wimbledon Mens’ Final is the day after).

  • Serena Williams has won this title 7 times (2002-2003, 2009-2010, 2012, 2015-2016). Only two players can match or better this record in the Open Era – Martina Navratilova (9), and Steffi Graf (7).

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Wimbledon 2018 Mens’ Singles Winner Tip

Would you like to know our Wimbledon 2018 Mens’ Singles Winner Tip? The world’s most prestigious and richest Grand Slam, Wimbledon, will take place between Monday 2 – Sunday 15 July 2018 (the Womens’ Singles event concludes on Saturday).

  • In 2017 Roger Federer won the Mens’ Singles for the 8th time. The Swiss player also won in 2003-2007, 2009, and 2012. This was an outright all-time Wimbledon Mens’ Singles record. However, we don’t think his price offers much value for a record 9th title at his age.

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BBC Sports Personality 2018 Winner Tip

It may only be the start of the year, but we have a great BBC Sports Personality 2018 Winner Tip. Athlete Mo Farah won in 2017, tennis ace Andy Murray won in 2016 for the 3rd time (he also won in 2013 & 2015), with Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton winning in 2014.

Our BBC Sports Personality 2018 Winner Tip is Lewis Hamilton. Other possible contenders we considered but ignored, were:

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Formula 1 2018 Drivers Outright Winner Tip

We look for the most value, as we present our Formula 1 2018 Drivers Outright Winner Tip. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton won his 4th Formula 1 title (which he did with 2 races to spare) in 2017, matching the number of titles held by the driver likely to be his biggest rival in 2018 Sebastian Vettel. The Briton previously won the 2008 (McLaren), 2014 (Mercedes), and 2015 (Mercedes) titles.

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World Cup 2018 Group G Winner Tip

We have a World Cup 2018 Group G Winner Tip for the 21st running of the World Cup, which will take place in Russia from Thursday 14 June – Sunday 15 July 2018.

  • 32 teams will play 64 matches in total (that’s 48 Group Stage matches, 8 Round of 16 matches, 4 Quarter-Finals, 2 Semi-Finals, the Third place play-off, and of course the Final).
  • These matches will take place in 12 venues across 11 cities, with the World Cup Final to be played in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

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US Masters 2018 Winner Tip

We’ve 1 EXCLUSIVE US Masters 2018 Winner Tip for the 1st golf major of 2018, the 82nd US Masters (Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 April 2018). As usual the event takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia (unlike the U.S. Open, The Open, and US PGA Championship, this event always takes place at the same course every year). The US Masters has the smallest field of any major. In 2017 Sergio Garcia was a popular winner (the Spaniard’s 1st, and only, major win) – he defeated England’s Justin Rose in a playoff. In 2016 an Englishman in the shape of Danny Willett did win, and in 2015 the USA’s Jordan Spieth was victorious.

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Grand National 2018 winner tip

Want to know our Grand National 2018 winner tip? The £1 million race at Aintree takes place at 17.15 on Saturday 14th April 2018, only a few weeks after the Cheltenham Festival. Horse and jockey must negotiate 30 fences over 2 laps (16 fences in the 1st lap, 14 of which are jumped again during the 2nd lap). The Grand National is a National Hunt Handicap Steeplechase, run over 4 miles 514 yards (making it the longest National Hunt race in Britain).

In 2017 One For Arthur (jockey Derek Fox, trainer Lucinda Russell) was victorious, and in 2016 Rule The World (jockey David Mullins, trainer Mouse Morris) won. Jockey Leighton Aspell famously won 2 years in a row (in 2014 on Pineau de Re, and in 2015 on Many Clouds). The biggest starting price of a winner in recent years was in 2009 when Mon Meme (jockey Liam Treadwell) won at 100/1.

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Champions League Winner 2017-18 Tip

We have a great Champions League Winner 2017-18 Tip! The first set of Round of 16 1st Legs takes place between Tuesday 13 – Wednesday 14 Feb 2018, and the second set of Round of 16 1st Legs takes place the following week (Tuesday 20 – Wednesday 21 Feb 2018). There are 5 teams we would consider that have a genuine shot of winning the trophy this season.

  • Pep Guardiola’s Man City already have one hand on the 2017-18 English Premier League title. Man City have received a favourable draw in the Round of 16 against one of the outsiders for the Champions League title Basel.
  • Bayern Munich are certainly one to consider, and they too have a favourable draw in the Round of 16 against one of the outsiders for the Champions League title Besiktas.

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